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Save 10% when you prepay for Closing, when scheduling your Opening. Call store for details.

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We Stock A Complete Line Of Pool Covers And Water Bags.


Free Closing With Purchase Of A Safety Cover!




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 Services we offer:


Pump & Filter Replacement


Pool Renovation


Heater Repair Or Replacement


Service And Supplies


Free Water Testing:

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Pool Opening:

Pool Opening includes taking off the cover, cleaning and folding the cover and waterbags, Chemicals are included with service, Winterizing plugs will be removed and normal operating plugs will be installed, and the service tech will prime your system.


Pool Opening & Closing:

Services Include:

  • $325 - Above Ground Pools
  • $395 - Vinyl or Fiberglass Pools
  • $425 - Gunite Pools
  • $75 Additional for SPAs(Includes Chemicals)

Pool Closing Service Includes:

  • Backwash
  • Drain Water Below Return Lines
  • All Lines Blown Clear of Water
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Plugs In All Openings
  • Heater Gas Line Shutoff
  • Superchlorinate
  • Install Pool Cover & Water Bags

Commercial Pool Opening and Closing:

Includes the same services as the residential pool opening and closing.(Commercial services vary in price, Call our store for details)

Start-up Only:

We offer a partial opening service if needed.

Clean and Store Cover:

At time of opening we will, Clean cover and then fold it neatly and keep it at our storage location until the following season. Call for complete details.

Inground Liner Replacement:

Installing a new liner will give the pool the appearance of being new. (Age, fading, floating, holes, or wear and tear are all reasons for liner replacement.)

Winterize Only:

We can do a partial closing of your pool if needed.

Safety Cover Installation:

Safety covers improve your pools safety. They also look better on your pool during the winter. Safety covers do not collect water on top and also, the cover will not fall in. (Free Closing with purchase of Safety Cover)

Pressure Test:

Presure test of the pump system excluding the main drain.( Additional Charge)

Full Pool Inspection:

Full inspection includes a pressure test as well as a visual inspection.

Visual Inspection Only:

Visual inspection only of the pool components.

*Call our staff anytime during buisness hours for any questions regarding our services or supplies*

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